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Country : France

Style : HipHop, RANDB, House, Clubbing, DanceHall

Availability : Europe, NorthAmerica, SouthAmerica, Asia, Africa, OwnCountry

Biography : Having a passion for music since his younger, it's only at 17 years old that DJ EXKI started his first performances in the world of Deejaying.

Quickly, he will know thanks to his strictness and ease, how to combine musically, technique and originality;
participating to many projects and events (concerts, parties,etc..)which permit him, at barely 20 years old to know the experience of tours.

During the "I Love Gabon Summer Tour", He mixed in the best-known nightclubs of Libreville and in a stadium of 50000 people during a concert live broadcasting on "Télé Africa" where he will share the stage with Eve, Admiral T, Lord Kossity, La Fouine, J.Mi Sissoko, Viviane N'dour and many others

Grown from this experience, he kept on working with the launching of several mixtapes ("U KNOW WHAT IT IS", "SWEET R&B 90's LOVE SONGS EDITION", "DOPE BEAR FRESH"), in which he mix new sounds HipHop/R&B/Dirty/Dancehall/Reggaeton, as much as classics.
It gave him the opportunity to show another feature of his work as a real musical culture already pointed out in "SO SWEAT RADIO".
Indeed, in this mix available on ITunes, his generalist playlist with a club atmosphere, already pleased a lot of listeners.

Today, his unique style, defined by the terme "ePOP", put in the compilations/mixtapes of the same name (thousands of copies sold) helped him realising the meeting of the HipHop, the Electro and the Pop, which is whether in his playlist, or in his technique.

This original experience and out of the common, created and registered by DJ EXKI, made him a full-fledged artist appreciated by the audience during his shows.
Through the summer 2009, La Fouine's aftershow, THE GAME's concert opening and his official aftershow with Dj Kris Stylez (The Game's Dj) was entrusted to DJ EXKI and many other parties in France and Marocco, where was able to broadcast exclusively the first selections for his electro productions like his first single "DJ EXKI Feat. MADISON AVENUE - Don't Call Me Baby", playing actually by many DJs.

At only 22 years old, a very interesting experience, a hunger for accomplishment undeniable, and a new style which qualifies him of the "N°1 ePOP DJ", present him as an artist that can not be ignored.

Scene Reference : The Game's concert opening in Bordeaux, France
The Game's official Aftershow
La fouine's Aftershow
SEFYU's concert
Tour in Gabon with the big concert "La Nuit de la Musique"

Discography : 5 mixtapes :

Videos :

Dj Exki feat Madison Avenue