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José Luis Fernandez Gipsy

Country : France

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Availability : Europe, NorthAmerica, SouthAmerica, Asia, Africa

Biography : José Luis Fernandez of Spanish origin increased in the South American sound of the rhythms its passion for the singing(song) Flamenco and the rumba Gipsy was passed on to(transmitted) him(her) by his(her) Andalusian grandmother and his(its) father " Chico Castillo ex member of the group Gipsy Kings by André Reyes, Chico is" The author of legendary music " Alabina ". José carries(wears) in him the indisputable inheritance of musicians' family. His(her,its) first passion was always the percussion before even the singing(song) and the guitar which(who) are a member(part) of his(her,its) artistic talents today.

With only not much musical experience(experiment) to his(her) storyteller, José was lucky enough(had the opportunity) to occur on big French scene(stage) such as: the top of Paris invited by Bénabar, the scene(stage) " touch not my buddy " of July 14th in the Champ de Mars but also the mythical scene(stage) of " The olympia of Paris " beside legendary Manitas de Plata

Further to numerous experiences(experiments) within several musical groups, José creates his(her) own group: Gipsy Fusion with his(her) accomplice Steven Hoerter. After the exit(release) of an Album in 2015, José decides to direct his(her) career(quarry) to a new musical adventure beside finalist Wesley Semé of The voice season 3. Together they created "Muunganos" who means Alliance(Wedding ring) in Soaly.

Scene Reference : Olympia de Paris, Zénith de Paris.

Discography : It is in April, 2015 when José takes(brings) out his(her) first Album with his(her) former(old) group Gipsy Fusion create with his(her) accomplice Steven.

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