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Country : France

Style : Rock

Availability : Europe, NorthAmerica, SouthAmerica, Asia, Africa

Biography : Atypical 20 years career spent in Parisian nightlife as a Bartender at les Bains Douches, Tyana T.Dogg got inspired witnessing the best worldwide DJ’s spinning every night. This long term experience gave him the desire to play and communicate his love for music.
Eclectic will definitely resume his musical influences
Raised and inspired by Soul voices, sharped Beats from New York style Hip Hop Dj’s but also the 90’s Heavy Metal scene, Tyana T.Dogg discovered House Music in 1997 in Ibiza, while spending the night with Daft Punk in their own DJ booth.
Dj Tyana T.Dogg is shaking and rumbling from Barcelona to Moscow every dance floors with his unique and eclectic style.