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2nd Life

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Country : France

Style : House, Clubbing

Availability : Europe, NorthAmerica, SouthAmerica, Asia, Africa, OwnCountry

Biography : 2nd Life is a Electro group created in 2011 by the meeting of two creative minds :
Julien Viatge and David Hokla, two French Dj producer who combined their
creativity and musical diversity.
Originally from South of France, their conviction and similar energy gave them
the desire to evolve together.
In September 2013, they mixed an evening of integration into the K-Fêt in Lyon.
In January 2014, they released their first single "Zip Air" with the label BugEyed Record.
Other projects are in preparation for the French group.

Creativity and energy behind the decks are key words describing the talents of 2nd Life.
They are ambitious and want to conquer an international clubbing tour.


Julien Viatge is passionate about music since the age of 10, he learned to move from
one style to another ( techno, rap, metal, rock ).
He made his beginning in a metal band, and then eventually towards electro/house.
He began to practice mixing.
He created his first pieces in 2006 and since has continued to evolve.
In 2009, he was resident at Black Star.
In 2011, it was the birth of the group 2nd Life with David Hokla.


David Hokla is rocked by music since childhood and discovered many
musical style ( rnb, rap U.S., zouk, makina, techno ).
At age 10 he was passionate about singing and performs in this discipline
with his sister and brother, until his teens.
The trigger for electronic music held in his first outing in a nightclub 17 years.
So, he then turned to music production.
With his friend (DJ GIM), he becomes Dj animator for birthday parties and weddings.
In 2011, he met Julien Viatge and together create the 2nd Life Group.

Discography : Release :
January 27, 2014 : Zip Air (Original Mix) - BugEyed Record