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French Electro Duo

Country : France

Style : Techno

Availability : Europe, NorthAmerica, OwnCountry

Biography : InShape is a French electronic music duo formed in 2011.

It incorporates different influences in its music, such as Hip-Hop, Rap, Metal, Electro, etc., to create its own type of electronic music.

The band records a 7-track EP named "Full Measures" during the summer of 2012, mastered in studio, more in a perspective of live events, with a vigorous and striking approach. A music video for the track "Super Golfer", taken from this EP, is available on YouTube.

InShape is now part of the "Starter 2013" with 5 other bands, created by the "Combo95", a French association near Paris, which enables an artistic support for musical projects. As a result, they are supported by the biggest concert halls of the Parisian suburbs.

Discography :

Videos :

InShape - Super Golfer (Official Music Video)