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Country : France

Style : HipHop, House

Availability : Europe, NorthAmerica, SouthAmerica, Asia, Africa

Biography : Born in Clichy sous bois in the Paris suburbs in 1979, DJ Wallace was first introduced to football in his hometown club until an injury forced him to stop at the age of 18. From a hard natural and voluntary worker, then it will look on music, and more specifically the mix, inspired by the biggest international DJs as Cut Killer, DJ Abdel or Carl Cox, he will develop very quickly its own sound and occur in prestigious locations. He started at the legendary club Champs Elysee “The Duplex” and went on in the trendiest clubs of the capital before the first parts of DJ Abdel, Cut Killer, Bob Sinclar and Martin Solveig.

Scene Reference : Dj producer Djwallace began in 1998 at the famous mythical club Champs Elysee Duplex. Peculiar as the rnb hip hop dance hall reggaeton funk and electro is a complete dj effective in the set. He created his own label in 2013 and follomy released his first single entitled (sax love) in 2013. He mixed in the trendiest club in the capital and in the biggest clubs in France and Europe, such as: -The cabaret sauvage -After - The duplex - The billionaire - The hammam club - Atlantic accord - Montecristo - The madam - The direction - Palace M - The Pasha - The red house - The red light - The ammnésia - The Metropolis - The pago pago - The locomotive - The redlight - The q beat (Lyon) - The high (nice) - The Macumba (St Julien) - The Macumba (Mulhouse) - The cube (portugale) - Villa St Tropez (Toulouse) -Bypass (Geneva) It greenfeez (Geneva) -Carlton (Geneva) -Bazaar (marsseille) It's niky (France)

Discography : First as electro house dj wallace love sax output follomy April 2013 on the label until his album which will be released during autumn 2013 with featuring renowned national

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