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Country : United States of America

Style : HipHop, Rock, House, Clubbing

Availability : Europe, NorthAmerica, SouthAmerica, Asia, Africa

Biography : DJ KayJay a.k.a. Kristin Jackson started out in the modeling world building her name and face worldwide.

After being featured with Playboy and many other well known companies, it was time for her to turn her attention to her true love, music!

KayJay has always expressed a passion for music and an interest in playing it.

Before she knew it, she had landed a gig at one of the hottest nightclubs in Baltimore, Maryland and found herself addicted to controlling the way the crowd moved with every beat she played.

Since then, KayJay has been traveling from one event to the next bringing her one of a kind beats and videos, vigorous style and enthusiastic stage presence to the party.

This video DJ feels a crowd and gives them what they want, whether it's mixing hip hop with rock or 80's, throwing in some commercial house or old school, its always unique, guaranteeing the crowd will have a good time and leave them wanting more.

DJ Kay Jay is in association with Esterman Entertainment.

Scene Reference : Many clubs in United States.

Discography : Not Available

Videos :