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Country : United States of America

Style : HipHop, Rock, RANDB, House, Reggae, DanceHall

Availability : Europe, NorthAmerica, SouthAmerica, Asia, Africa

Biography : Award-winning mixmaster and Heavy Hitter affiliate DJ Absolut is never far from the beats.
Expanding his audio empire from DJing the hottest parties all over the club to hosting a radio show on New York's #1 Radio Station HOT 97, and linking up with the HEAVY HITTERS, the most connected DJ franchise world-wide.

DJ Absolut has his hands on the turntables, but his ear to the streets.
Rising up from humble beginning as an intern at Stress Magazine (now defunct) in 1997, Absolut was eager to make his marks on the industry.

While there he learned the importance of networking, the value of forging relationships and built a series of connects that helped him get bookings at the hottest hip-hop clubs in New York.

Not long after, we secured his first on-air gig and an affiliation with The Heavy Hitters, the most connected DJ collective world-wide with the power to make n' break artists.

An award-winning mixtape producer & DJ, Absolut inked a joint venture through his production company, Addicted 4 Life, to produce series of mixtapes released by Iceman Music Group and distributed by Koch Entertainment.

The first of which is AZ's *N.4.L*. album. Absolut has been featured on BET, MTV, The Source, Vibe Magazine, XXL Magazine.
Dj Absolut has won awards such as "New Mixtape of the Year"
"Best Hip Hop mixtape DJ of the year"
"R&B mixtape DJ of the year"

Scene Reference : - Youngest Dj at Hot 97 (New York's #1 Radio Station)
- Member of the HEAVY HITTER Dj crew Which includes Dj ENUFF and DJ CAMILLO from Hot 97 also Super producer Kanye West
- He's the first radio DJ and mixtape DJ to play 50 Cent and his G-UNIT crew songs
- Dj Absolut has performed with such Artist Foxy Brown, Mobb Deep, DMX...
- He appeared on BET's "Rap City" many times since 99'
- Featured stories in Hip Hop magazines such as "XXL", "The Source", "Vibe" and "Billboard"
- As producer he has worked with artists such as "50 Cent", "Fat Joe", "Mobb Deep", "AZ", "Benzino",...

Discography : Since 1996 has put out over 100's of mixtapes.