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Dj Daviou

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Country : France

Style : HipHop, RANDB, House, Clubbing, Reggae, DanceHall

Availability : Europe

Biography : DJ Daviou was born on July 4th, 1985, in Paris 12 ème.

He(It) is very fast plunged into the atmosphere of the music from the age of 15 years thanks to these West Indian origins.

Native of Guadeloupe, DJ Daviou is interested in everything the music styles of Caribbean Afro inspirations: r' nb, house, ragga, dancehall, kuduro, cut moved, zouk dance, kizomba...

Thanks to these mixes, remix and numerous mixtapes that he(it) puts in free download on the clear(net), he(it) sees itself proposed by the small animations (birthday(anniversary), baptism, marriage)

DJ Daviou was made a general public, by his motivation, the support of his family and these friends. He(it) just begins his(its) ascent in the world of the music with several services(performances) in clubs such as: the barok, the brocherie, the Knight Templar, the rexy club and many other clubs in Paris region.

He became resident DJ of the " Sun Club ", inescapable(major) place Of zoukeurs vouchers of Paris!

DJ on the radio power tropical " the Antilles Dom Station " since

Scene Reference : barok,vybz club,rexy club,templier,la brocherie,soleil club,otis club

Discography :