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Country : France

Style : House, Clubbing

Availability : Europe, NorthAmerica, Asia, OwnCountry

Biography : Passionate about music since he was a kid, Willy Saul decided in 2011 to
dedicate himself entirely to music by joining one of the biggest French music
schools, Music Academy International.

Being graduated in 2002, he begins his musician career under the influence of
Hip Hop and Rock music and performs on the biggest French stages as a

Always looking for new musical inspirations, he turns towards MAO (Computer
Assisted Music) and sets himself as songwriter.

His talents as Producer/Songwriter/Remaster maker, get known in the
Clubbing world and get him to work for well-known artists such as : Mélissa
Mars (Opéra Rock), Joe Mendes (Fun Radio) , DJ Kiff One (Radio Plus &
Vitamine), Mouss MC, Papa London…etc…

After those rich collaborations, he decides to work on his own productions
under the name of Willy Saul and releases his first single « Give me your love
», sung by the talented May. The track is signed on JOYS Productions.

Stay tuned !

Discography : Give Me Your Love - Willy Saul :: [Joys Productions]
Et Je Veux Danser - Melissa Mars :: [P.A Record]
Bailalo Morena - DJ Kiff One :: [Hypetraxx Record]
Stay Tonight - Joe Mendes :: [Hypetraxx Record]
Brand New Sound - DJ Kiff One :: [Hypetraxx Record]
Afrik - Afrik United :: [Hypetraxx Record]
La Vida Loca (Remix) - Papa London :: [Five One Record]

.... and manymore !!!

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