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In Your Face !!!!

Country : France

Style : House, Techno, Clubbing

Availability : Europe, NorthAmerica

Biography : COP Cobbana born on February 2, 1987, it follows the traces of his brother who was him also Dj and which with given him the taste of the mix since its youth. It buys its first turntables at the 16 years age, and is inspired then by artists like Bob Sinclar, Martin Solveig and Antoine Clamaran, it specializes in a style “House-Magnet”. Wanting to further go it starts to organize evenings between friends and can thus be exerted and improve in its passion. It creates its first model and sends it in several discotheque of its area, its first chance is given to him by the Oasis club. Aujoud' today reside of the evenings coeds of the odyssey of the festival it occurs more on the Paris area in clubs like the Culture hall (e.g. madeleine plaza), the players, and others… It recently created its podcast “Play and Sound” which is in listening and remote loading on I-tunes. It improves and refines this one of episode in episode. COP COBBANA soon in your club!!!!!!!!! STAY TUNED!!!!

Scene Reference : Antoine Clamaran, Bob Sinclar, Martin Solveig, Tiesto, Afrojack, Chuckie et pleins d'autres !!!

Discography : I Think Mama Like It // Diva & Jones vs Fake Blood (Cop Cobbana bootleg): Mai 2011

Funck With Me (Afrojack) VS Diplo And Switch-Hold The Line (Mazik) Cop Cobbana Bootleg : Décembre 2011

Let's It Mush My Drink : Janvier 2012

Videos :

Soirée SEXY NURSE au Madeleine Plaza