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Mike Silver

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Country : France

Style : House, Techno, Trance, Clubbing

Availability : Europe, NorthAmerica, SouthAmerica, Asia, Africa, OwnCountry

Biography : Mike Silver has been rocked in a musical from a young age: It's family sent him a taste for this art. At 10 he studied the basics of music where he practices piano. At the age of 20, he began to take over mix or it teaches the basics of DJ vinyl. After a few months, he began to organize events with the structure where he invites dancers to come to happen, and discovered a passion for growing Electro. This movement became his chosen field and propelled him behind the turntables at the age of 23. It organizes evening clubs for the most LYON it demonstrates her artistic abilities and was noticed by the greatest. It was from there that he started to be exported in the hottest clubs in Europe behind the turntables, it made a difference with his powerful style, remixing all the classics. Mike Silver, gifted of his generation and skill mix combines four powerful decks. Discover the world of the sounds of trance that will make you vibrate. Respected Trance middle for his professionalism and openness it has become one of the major representatives of a new generation of DJs in France. He performs regularly alongside the great artists of the international electronic scene. It can also make you vibrate on combining sounds more sets minimum, appliances or funky. Based on a close contact with the public, his style very sharp and very technical, will ignite the evening, for sure! This versatile dj crosses France tirelessly for over six years and exported abroad such as Spain, Switzerland or even Germany! An artist at heart, he also likes to producing electronic music for several different labels and production companies audiovisuelles.Plusieurs productions (trance, techno, Electrotek) by Mike Silver is being prepared. To be continued ...

Scene Reference : L'An-Fer (Dijon, France)
Bikini Test (Suisse)
Macumba (Geneve, Suisse)
Le Space Club (Lyon, France)
La Villa Rouge (Montpellier, France)
Le Subway -Defcon party-(Strasbourg, France)
Le Nautilus (Bordeaux, France)
Le Monde a l'Envers(Lyon, France)
L'Araignée au Plafond (Metz, France)
L'Arakiss Club (Grenoble, France)
Le Cube (Montbelliard, France)
L'Octopussy (Toulon, France)
La loco (Selestat, France)
Le Stud' (Annecy, France)
L'Ancien Palais de Geneve (Suisse)
Le Colysee (Brumath, France)
Le Joker Club (Roybon, France)
Le BPM (Pau, France)
Les Caveaux Rabelaisiens (Tours, France)
Le Park Club (Roanne, France)
Le Synequanone (Lyon, France)
L'Appart Club (Geneve, Suisse)
Le Why Not (Pau, France)
L'Enjoy Café (Paris, France)
L'Amnésia Dance Club (Belfort, France)
Le Terminal Export (Nancy, France)
Sir Johns (Bourg en Bresse, France)
Le Rio Electroclub (Dijon, France)
Le Ninkasi - KAO (Lyon, France)
Le Palladium Complexe (Montpellier, France)
Le Pacha Club (La Chaux de Fonds, Suisse)
Le Triptyque (Paris, France)
Legend Club (Bienne, Suisse)
L'After Club (La Chaux de Fonds, Suisse)
Globull Club (Bulle, Suisse)
QG Club (Lyon, France)
Le Mad (Lausanne, Suisse)
Le Batofar (Paris, France)
La Scène Bastille (Paris, France)
Yaka Club (Montpellier, France)
L'Art Scène (Grenoble, France)
Le Baillage (Versailles, France)
Le Xenon Complex (Chamery, France)
Le Sanaka (Saint Etienne, France)
Baramix Club (Val Thorens, France)
La Pêcherie (Lyon, France)
Le Nouveau Casino (Paris, France)
Daytona Club (Montpellier, France)
Le Cercle Club (Montpellier, France)
DV1 Club (Lyon, France)

Discography : For an angel Paul Van Dyk Remix
Lethal Tiesto Remix
Magenta remix Mike Silver
Dream Remix Mike Silver
Art Of Sound Mike Silver
My Old Friend Mike Silver