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Tomy Buren

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Country : France

Style : HipHop, House, Clubbing

Availability : Europe, NorthAmerica, SouthAmerica, Asia, Africa, OwnCountry

Biography : Born April 8, 1990 in Paris Tomy Buren is a Dj / producer / remixer of Electro House. Soon, Tommy's passion for music and the production deejing.

He begins his first set in 2005 and subsequently able to get many home thanks to its seriousness and its vision of the future of dance-floor.

Since then, Tomy enchaine mix and production in Paris, Guadeloupe, Montreal, and many other collaborations are underway with other countries.

This young talent could also stand out thanks to the various performers Trance International with whom he could work.

IN 2011 he toured the Caribbean "TOMY BUREN CARIBBEAN TOUR LIVE" Guadeloupe, Saint, St. Martin, St. Barths, Anguilla ect ...

he mixed alongside DJ's such as:

Getdown DJ, DJ D-BASS, ETAN CARTER, ANTHONY FLETCHER, and much more ... 

her Style

He quickly found his style Club House Prog and caribbean. It is always about new trends that could ignite the dance floor.

He likes to chiselled, sharp sounds like bass heavy and imposing that carry public.

 Material Requested in Place:
Material Type: Pioneer CDJ-1000 or 2000 (cd decks), Pioneer DJM 800 2000 (mixer)

Scene Reference : Mercury Day , Toubana On the beach , Crazy Motion Party

Discography : shakira - did it again ( tomy buren remix )
Sebastien Vittoz - Rise me up ( Tomy Buren&Kny factory )
and more

Videos :

Tomy Buren Mercury Day 2011

Tomy Buren Crazy Motion Party