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Country : France

Style : HipHop, RANDB, House, Clubbing, DanceHall

Availability : Europe, NorthAmerica, SouthAmerica, Asia, Africa, OwnCountry

Biography : DJ since 2003, D-Jizzle mixes in clubs and private parties, makes mixtapes and features with artists. Among others, as a producer/remixer, he is one of the best official DJs for world famous label AV8 RECORDS, where he works since 2008 besides some of the greatest: Fatman Scoop, DJ LBR, DJ Class, Disco Fries...

At 27 years old, he already got the opportunity to go all over the world (Lyon, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Paris, Tenerife...) and run the best places where he has been sharing his hiphop/rnb/latino/house sets, and getting more and more experience thanks to people he met. Same love, same game : Music !!

In 2005, Jizzle graduated the DJ Scratch Academy of Los Angeles, created by the respected Jam Master Jay (RIP).

Always in a creative mood, he keeps improving full, diverse and banging sets, blending old school with brand new hits, and giving us his exclusive remixes, mash-ups and partybreaks.

Now living in Lyon, he already rocked the place in some clubs (RnB is Glamorous @ Loft Club), and in private parties (Step’n’Live @ Club Elixia Ecully)...

Today, this young DJ walks his way in France and international, and gets his particularity from powerful, technical and precise mixes and remixes.

Because he is focused on the dancefloor and in love with the turntables, D-Jizzle will never stop looking for the hottest clubs, where “good party” can’t be separated from “good DJ” !!

Scene Reference : BamBar (France)
Scratch Academy (USA)
Loft Club (France)
Tibu (Spain)
Vivo (Spain)
Shogun Boat (Spain)
Club Elixia (France)

Discography : AV8 Records
Crack 4 DJs (Crooklyn Clan)
Extreme Remixes
Remix Junkee

Videos :