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Country : United States of America

Style : HipHop, Rock, RANDB, Clubbing, DanceHall

Availability : Europe, Africa, OwnCountry

Biography : Known to millions of people throughout the world as “Kid Capri”, he has branded the music industry with innovation, artistry and unprecedented originality. With a range of high-profile prestige that extends from Europe to the Bronx, Kid Capri has proven that success is indeed rooted in the relentless pursuit of a superior quality of living and a strong work ethic.

Before the infamous mixtape, Kid Capri discovered his immense talents in the
humble Bronx neighborhood of his youth. Raised with the values of loyalty, self-respect and unwavering determination, Capri has made it his lifelong mission to consistently pay homage to these invaluable qualities. Kid Capri is one of the few and proud ambassadors that has poignantly shaped and molded the art of deejaying into the overwhelmingly monstrous success it has become in the last two decades.

From the beginning, Kid Capri has had an intense passion for Hip-Hop music. His appreciation for the streetinspired, rough elegance of microphone flow from MC’s began with his love for R&B and soul artists.

Musical pioneers ranging from James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Earth, Wind & Fire, Marvin
Gaye and Parliament Funkadelic helped give Capri an ear for talent, and grounded him in the rich foundation with which Hip-Hop music is established.

Early on, Kid Capri began toying with the idea of bringing a party to life with an eclectic mix of music. The discovery of his talent on the turntables as a youngster launched the genesis of, not only a never-before-seen form of musical expression, but also one of the most formidable business minds in the music industry. After identifying a surefire niche for seizing his proverbial piece of the Hip-Hop pie, Capri began his quest and narrowed his sights to
tunnel vision in undeniable pursuit of greatness.

The mixtape was born and still lives today due solely to the ingenuity and credit of Kid Capri. His mission to entertain the masses became an obsession. His first gig at Hotel Diplomat in New York sealed his fate,
as he redefined the word “entertainer.”

Kid Capri has glamorized the role of the DJ. Before his life-long reign began, DJ’s were mere accessories in the shadow of Hip-Hop front men.
Now, DJ’s have Kid Capri to thank for manic requests for their presence in the studio, at parties and in sold-out arenas world-wide. They have him to thank for hefty advances and appearance fees.

Capri immortalized the craft of being a DJ.

Scene Reference : Kid Capri has performed at many of the world’s most notable venues along with the industries hottest parties and events. Past venues include:
Nokia Theatre NY, Club Passion R.I. , Karu & Y in Miami, Poetry in LV, LAX Nightclub LA, The Opus Lounge TX, Wet Nightclub in CA, The Park in D.C. , Haven in FL, Club Alive in NC, Maxines Club in NJ, House of Blues in FL, Pure Nightclub in GA, Cirque in TX, Crobar in IL, Club Fire in OH, Club Love in DC....just to name a few.

- “Welcome to the Gulu”: Exhibition opening at the United Nations.
- NBA All Star Draft Party
- Vibe Magazine 150th Issue Party
- Ludacris “Red Light District” Album Release
- Swizz Beats Album Release Party
- Hip Hop Legends Concert at B.B. Kings
- “Survival of the Freshest Tour” w/ Jermaine Dupri
- “Alter Ego Tour” w/ Tyrese & Trey Songz
and many many more ...

Discography : A thousand of mixtapes

Videos :