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Country : United States of America

Style : HipHop, RANDB, House, Trance, Clubbing, Reggae, DanceHall

Availability : Europe, NorthAmerica, SouthAmerica, Asia, Africa

Biography : He's not your average nightclub DJ. He's a crowd-raiser AND a trailblazer. He plays all over the world, bringing his unique style of DJ-ing to every venue he hits. He's made his mark from New York to Germany to India, bringing love from his home state of Florida. Nicknamed “The Politician” because of his uncanny ability to draw huge crowds of devoted followers, DJ Rico Sanchez has played some of the biggest clubs and most exclusive events. On his guest lists are celebrities and other high-profile socialites who know and trust him for his ability to give a crowd a good time. His style mixes music from all genres, nations and sounds to create a sound unlike any other. This eclectic mix that he plays will have even the most hard-to-please crowd jumping up and down. From James Brown to Guns N' Roses and everything else in between, he takes the sounds of some of the greatest music ever made and combines it into a mix that no other DJ can even compete with. Once you book DJ Rico Sanchez, you'll rethink the way you throw your parties.

Scene Reference : SHOWS PER YEAR: 150-200 Floyds, (Resident) Seminole Hard Rock Casino - Tampa, FL Dirty Martini (Clearwater) - Tampa, FL Sin City - Tampa, FL Skye - Tampa, FL 1509 - Tampa, FL Turbulence - Tampa, FL Fuel - Tampa, FL Pleasure Dome - Tampa, FL Platforms - Tampa, FL El Corazon de Ybor - Tampa, FL Capriconio - Tampa, FL Quench - Tampa, FL Fuego - Tampa, FL Club Electra - Tampa, FL Green Iguana - Tampa, FL Empire - Tampa, FL Level 3 - Tampa, FL Masquerades - Tampa, FL Underground - Tampa, FL Prana - Tampa, FL Club Joy - Tampa, FL Studio Inc. - Tampa, FL J.D. Penguins - Tampa, FL Coco Bongos - Tampa, FL Groovy Mule - Tampa, FL Club Mambo - Tampa, FL Palladium - Tampa, FL Platforms - Tampa, FL Club Hedo - Tampa, FL Full Moon Salon - Tampa, FL XS - Tampa, FL ---------------------------------- Rumbass - West Palm Beach, FL Veritgo - West Palm Beach, FL Traffic - West Palm Beach, FL Ambar Lounge - West Palm Beach, FL Envy - West Palm Beach, FL Ultra Lounge - West Palm Beach, FL Luna Lounge - West Palm Beach, FL Underground on Clematis - West Palm Beach, FL ---------------------------------- Oxygen - Miami , FL Nocturnal - Miami , FL Crobar - Miami , FL Level - Miami , FL Spirits (Hollywood Hard Rock Casino) - Miami , FL Catalina Hotel and Lounge (John Singleton Illegal tender movie premier) - Miami , FL ---------------------------------- Maya Lounge - New York, NY Crimson Lounge - New York, NY Mars 2112 - New York, NY Strata - New York, NY Jetset Café - New York, NY Copacabana - New York, NY X bar - New York, NY Deep - New York, NY ---------------------------------- Firestone - Orlando, FL Visage - Orlando, FL J.J Whispers - Orlando, FL The Frat house - Orlando, FL House of Blues - Orlando, FL Roxy’s - Orlando, FL Metropolis - Orlando, FL Hard Rock Live – Universal Studios - Orlando, FL ---------------------------------- Kaos - Gainesville, FL The Florida Theatre - Gainesville, FL Alcatraz - Gaine

Discography : DOWNLOAD/STREAM MY MIXES: http://soundcloud.com/djricosanchez http://mixcloud.com/djricosanchez

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Havana Club - Atlanta, GA