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Dj Onetrax

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Anarchy of sound

Country : France

Style : Techno

Availability : Europe, NorthAmerica, SouthAmerica, Asia, Africa

Biography : To date ONETRAX it is produced in front of several thousand people and participated in important events of the most renowned clubs (concert, DJ festival, Booking) London , Barcelone , Ibiza , Zagreb , Marseille , Festival Of cannes ONETRAX is on several international labels today, in particular soundgood Italian Label or we find Benny Benassi, Eric Prydz... Red Bus Records (London) As well as " Brioche musical edizione " one of the biggest European record company where from it took out its the first one night album has the effigy of the research against the AIDS In featuring with the Singer SEAL, Miya, Gwen Stéphani or still Lady Gaga for remix official Onetrax prepares with all her big person's team bookings events! Under the supervision of one of the biggest producer several times all over the world number 1 with its tubes (easy Lady coils, so i begin) By Galleon Present fluid sets and powerful onetrax DJ bring of novelties in every performances.

Scene Reference : Dj Officiel du festival de cannes 2016 - 2017 / Concert Radio Fg (Marseille) 2015 - 2016 / Vice champion Région Paca France 2005 / Résident Radio Star (Radio Fm numéro region paca France) Mix @ Londres -Ibiza - Barcelone - Marseille - Zadar.. - Aix en Provence - Milan.... Sun festival (Vitrolles France) 2017 12 Années de club 7 Résidences / Tournée concert "Paix dans le Monde" fondation Nelson Mandela sponsorisé par O.N;U 2017.

Discography : Dj Onetrax & Galleon - Take your Revenge , Dj Onetrax & Galleon -Big Room in Ibiza Dj Onetrax & Galleon "Song Of Sirene Dj Onetrax & Galleon : Loading Dj Onetrax & Galleon Feat Jayni-M "Be Together" Dj Onetrax "BARI" Dj Onetrax & Galleon : Relax Dj Onetrax & Galleon "I Want Just Know" Dj Onetrax : Vieni Ballare a puglia (Remix version) DJ Oonetrax : Baila Zorro Dj Onetrax : In space Bad Romance Lady Gaga Official Remix Dj Onetrax & Galleon : What you wainting for Gwen Stefani Official Remix Dj Onetrax & Galleon : Seal Dancing Queen Official Remix Dj Onetrax & Galleon : Ney york Franck Sinatra Seb,B (Cover) Official Remix

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